Feel Good Blogging Challenge #4: 10 things you might not know about me

Alex Beadon's Feel Good Blogging Challenge

For today’s challenge, we’ve been asked to share 10 things that people might not know about us…..

  1. I’m usually indecisive and I sometimes make a big deal of small things.
  2. I’m a picky eater when it comes to vegetables.
  3. I am hypocritical. I try not to be, but sometimes I am.
  4. One of my greatest fears is having my tongue cut by razors…
  5. My ‘natural’ face is a pissed off kinda look…and apparently I have this look in my eyes that isn’t a ‘happy’ look…I’ve been trying to look more pleasant though lol! (My friend says we suffer from chronic biotch face lol)
  6. I’m shy and rather introverted, but if I get to know you and you get to know me and we become close, I become less shy and will open up to you more.
  7. I’m not a teary/crying type of person. If there is a sad occasion and I’m not crying like every other person, I’m sad, but I just don’t cry a lot. I do cry though.
  8. I’m slow when it comes to thinking of comebacks. just never have the right words at the right time…this is why I never win fights
  9. I love making care packages for our troops!
  10. I love journal writing.

If you participated in the challenge, I’d love to read your 10 things, link it below!


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