Feel Good Blogging Challenge #5: A Helpful Post

Today’s post is simple yet maybe helpful to some…

I learned a few months back (while helping a coworker solve an issue) that Google/Google Mail ignores the period (.) in your email address, therefore, someone else could be getting your mail, or you could be getting theirs. My coworker was actually receiving someone else’s mail and she called customer support and they said that there was no way to fix it. The period is merely a visual aid. So….

lightning.mcqueen@gmail.com could be receiving lightningmcqueen@gmail.com’s emails or vice versa.

So think twice when creating your email…you might think you’re lucky by getting the perfect email with your first and last name or firstname.lastname. Luckily for me, my name is rather uncommon so I don’t have to worry about it too much:)

be uncommon
Image Source


Was this helpful? Have you received someone else’s emails?


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