Feel Good Blogging Challenge #7: A Controversial Post

feel good

Image courtesy of Alex Beadon

The weekend took over and I didn’t get a chance to finish the last blog for Alex Beadon’s 7-day Feel Good Blogging Challenge! Also…I didn’t really know what to write about. For this challenge, she asked us to write about a controversial topic. And of course, this is post is not substantiated by facts or science, but by my own opinions and encounters.

Discounts…it may not seem very controversial, but hear me out. The number one discounts we hear about are military discounts. Then perhaps there are student/educator discounts, age discounts, and “group discounts” (e.g. AARP, AAA, etc.). Have you identified with one of these groups and went to purchase something, expecting a discount, come to find out they don’t offer a discount for your group? Some people (like me) are fine with it, and go on with their days. But there are some people who are offended (particularly with military discounts) that the place does not offer the discount. Some even get upset and worked up about it, saying that you don’t support/respect the troops. I’m 100% sure that the store doesn’t intend to not support military members. The store probably doesn’t offer any discounts whatsoever (no matter the group). From what I’ve heard, the military generally takes good care of its members/families. I’m sure there are many stories that prove me wrong, but I haven’t really heard any bad stories. So with all of the other benefits they get, (I’m not sure what, but I know there are many) they shouldn’t complain when the grocery store doesn’t give them a discount on their groceries, or if they can’t get shoes for 10% off…

feel good

Image courtesy of Starkey-Products

In the end, discounts are a touchy subject for some, but definitely not all. And it is such a small thing that it shouldn’t really be a big deal. But for me, if I worked retail and had the power, I’d give anyone who had proof of a “legit” discount the discount. Because that way, you’ll keep that customer coming back in and more importantly, they will spread the word about the excellent customer service your store has. Easier said than done, for sure, but my goal is to be able to provide deployed military members with the opportunities to send flowers to their loved ones, at no cost to them…so yeah, I support a military discount.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?


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