Blogging 101: Exploring the Blogsphere


For day 3, our assignment is to follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs. I had a hard time coming up with new topics to follow, as I’m still not sure what direction I want to take this blog. I want it to document my journey to creativity, but at the same time, help me start my non-profit venture. Anyways, I decided to add these five topics to my reader:

Handmade Gifts: From briefly looking at the posts tagged with ‘handmade gifts’ there were a lot of things that seemed DIY. Which is both good and bad…because there are a ton of ideas out there to help me create artistically, but there are so many ideas and things that I would like to make and I don’t have the time or money to do so. A lot of arts & crafts have an upfront investment, which is alright, if I could do something with the end product. I don’t want to start making something and end up with a bunch of random, but neat, items.
Snail-Mail: I love getting letters. There’s just something about getting a handwritten note that makes my day. I also love writing letters (emails are okay…) and would love to have a traditional pen-pal. As much as I am used to instant gratification and response, there’s just something exciting about waiting for a letter and getting it soon after that makes me happy. So…who wants to be pen-pals?! (I’m serious…)
Washington, DC: This one was an easy-out choice. I live in the area and work in DC, so I thought it’d be interesting to see what people have to say about the nation’s capital.
Military Life: Since my non-profit venture will hopefully cater to our military and their families, I added military life to my existing topics of military deployment, military wife, military family….
Maps: My undergrad degree was in geography, and ever since then I’ve enjoyed maps. When made correctly, a map can tell a story that words sometimes cannot tell. Also, maps are fascinating in that you can create them to tell the story you want.

I’ve had a list of 30+ blogs that I’ve planned on following for a couple of weeks now…guess it’s time to make them official! Here are my current favorites: This blog has a ton of tips to help develop resiliency and strengthen families.  The blog is rather exhaustive, but I can tell that this will be a good resource for anyone who is interested in keeping their family a priority during deployments. Ashley (of Love From Home) describes her blog efforts as her ‘blog baby’ (too cute!) and is full of great ideas and things that she’s made. There’s a link to her Etsy shop, DIY ideas, greeting cards she’s made, recipes, her wedding inspiration and a deployment tag. While I’m not a mom yet (I can’t wait to have little mini-me’s), Alisha, creator of Fun Time Mom, really seems to be the fun time mom! Her posts are very detailed and her use of graphics drew me into her page. She also writes about homeschooling for those who are interested. This blog, entitled What does the Earth say?, is written by an earth science and GIS professor. He has some interesting tidbits of information that may be useful if I am ever on a trivia show…probably never. So this blog is about 10 days old, but I like what I see, so I’ll support her cause for being in love with snail mail and see where it gets her!

What topics/blogs are you following?


6 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Exploring the Blogsphere

  1. I think that blogging will be great for you especially being a military spouse. I’m recently retired USAF as well as my husband. I’m also a brat and let me tell you I don’t care how many countries I’ve lived in, traveled to, people I’ve met, friends I’ve left behind there is nothing that can really prepare you at times for the “military” life whether you wear the uniform, or not. You’re going to be amazing at this and you’ll find the more you blog for YOURSELF the better of a blogger you will become. I’m happy you’ve decided to take this journey on by the horns.


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