Blogging 101: Increase Your Commenting Confidence


Today’s assignment: read six posts written in response to yesterday’s prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.

I commented on all the blog posts that I read (you might as well after you’ve read the entire thing) mainly because providing feedback is something I struggle with. In class discussions, I would never really have questions to ask, because the ideas made sense to me. I still struggle with constructive/engaging feedback. This was good practice for me! As I’m still a blogging newbie, and am trying to find myself creatively, I decided today that by participating in different challenges, it will help me dig deeper and essentially be more creative. These Blogging 101 challenges are encouraging me to really think about what other people have to say, and try and muster an equally meaningful response. After this, I want to participate in the Photography 101 challenge, as I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography, but have always given up because I get too confused with aperture, shutter speed, and exposure. (Just as I give up at the same page in the guitar book because I can’t position my hand as the lesson requires…)

  • Megan’s blog post I’m Thankful For The Facebook Timeline Feature Because Now I Can Relive My Glory Days With The Click Of A Button was quite rather witty as she describes how the Timeline Feature allows us to be reminded of the ‘good old days.’ It’s always a little fun to look back at cringe worthy, awkward, and embarrassing posts.
  • Liz’s (of Wherever the Heart Goes) salad days takes us back to her adolescence (which I saw as a reoccurring theme when reading these posts) to high school. I can relate as my memories of high school would be as random as hers.
  • While Karen didn’t go back to high school, her happy chapter in life was about her fresh start in college and all of the memories she experienced there. College should have been a fresh start for me, but I was too entrenched in certain things to really make the most of my social life there.
  • I’m not sure what drew me in to livingonchi’s The Gift of 26 post, but I was very impressed when I got to the end. I wanted to know more and became a little envious of her epiphany at age 26, and hope that I will too consider myself “…a woman, free, strong, independent, and able to do anything I put my mind to.”
  • Nilesh’s The good old days post was very succinct and appealed to my geeky side…even though I despise computer programming and such.
  • While I found My Simple Life’s salad days post similar (in some aspects) to my pre-teen years, I admired her strength and courage she projected in her post, as well as her about me pages. In the life challenges she has shared, she seems to always come out of them with a silver lining and that’s struck accord with me. It’s always exciting to find someone who writes something and as you’re reading it, you’re thinking “that describes me perfectly!”

What blogs did you discover today?


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Increase Your Commenting Confidence

  1. So, yesterday I was writing about blogging tribes, and my sense with commenting is that if you’re not moved to comment, then maybe you’re not the intended audience. I feel like forced commenting comes off as insincere, but it sounds like this is a valuable exercise, and maybe I’ll think through it a little more the next time I read a post and I can’t think of anything.


  2. I was the same person in class, I could never really come up with good questions, or a statement that would grow the conversation at all. I find that to be true sometimes blogging as well, but sometimes just a thumbs up, or “I really enjoyed your post” brings confidence to the writer, even if it’s not necessarily a subject you are interested in. A well written post is a well written post.


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