November Lovely Letters | A Snail Mail Exchange

Lovely Letters

For the month of November, I participated in Lovely Letters | A Snail Mail Exchange hosted by Esther & Jacob from Local Adventurer.

The Lovely Letters is a Snail Mail Exchange focused on building new relationships by sending Lovely Letters and packages all across the globe, one new friend at a time. We are bloggers who love connecting through the love of sending and receiving snail mail. This project promotes encouragement, collaboration, friendship, and growth as individuals and as a blogging community.

I got paired up with Ashley from Whispers of Mortality and she sent me some way cute stuff! The theme for the month was gratitude (and I have to admit, she followed it way better than me). My favorite was the mulled cider scented candle.  Thanks Ashley!



I really enjoyed participating in the exchange this month, and will probably participate again in the near future!

Are you interested in a snail mail exchange?



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