Noteworthy Destinations#1

One of my December goals was to create a blog schedule, and as part of my schedule, I decided to post some blogs that I’ve recently liked, or have been on my radar lately. When I started blogging about product reviews, I didn’t participate in anything. I just hoped that people would come and read, and my numbers were low. Through the various blog challenges and series, and by using tags and categories, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my numbers (even though I’ve read that you shouldn’t just rely on numbers), and a sense of community is created when I comment on others and they link back to me, or share comments in return. I’ve also thought more about my blog in general, and I think it’s becoming more of a lifestyle blog…perhaps? Thoughts are still forming in my brain. On to noteworthy blogs:
I Kissed My Date Goodnight
Ruth’s blog is a fresh of breath air as she describes herself as a “…single girl trying to navigate life, faith, and the thirty-something dating scene.” Her blog focuses on dating and recounts times of putting herself out there, something which I need to work on. I especially liked here post People Change (But Please Don’t Change Too Much) as she addresses the reality of change within a relationship and how important it is to be aware of the possibility of change.

Ali Does it Herself
Ali’s blog describes her “…adventures in grown-up living…” and is a great blog for DIY stuff. She has a ton of things on there, and will definitely help ignite my creativity and I really liked her Paper Flower Bouquet tutorial. I just might have to make some.
New DIYs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, whether you like it or not.

Journey With Destiny
Destiny is a twenty-something grad student from a small town in Idaho, who moved to Chicago to pursue her dreams of being a teacher. She “…began [her] blog with hopes of documenting this time of transition and growth as [she goes] from college student to working professional to Special Education teacher.” I met her through the Lovely Letters Exchange and her blog can be categorized as a lifestyle blog. I especially love her blog look. It’s very clean and consistent, and her blog post images are  wonderful too!

I’m always looking for new bloggers to follow, or just interesting posts to read, so let me know below if you’d like to be featured on my “Noteworthy Blogs” post. I know my blog is still new, and I still don’t have a ton of readers, but I’m offering free ‘publicity’ but probably more importantly, hopefully creating a community.


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