How My Blog Vision Has Changed Since October 2014

When I started this blog, the goal of it was to be an avenue to connect with potential future customers of my non-profit idea. As I completed various blog challenges/events, and having to define a clearer mission statement and future vision, I realize that this blog will be about me. About my life and my attempts to be more creative, which does not really relate to running a non-profit/charity. I know what I want my non-profit to do, and where I want to go. I don’t see this blog taking me there or at least in the way of connecting to future beneficiaries, as I’m really not writing for them.

My blog is supposed to do one of two things. One, document my journey to creativity. Two, transform my no-destination journey to a journey that has a destination, that destination being passion for something. Since October, I’ve started a bunch of things, to include blogging, working out, stamp collecting, sewing, volunteering, letter writing, eating healthy. While working out and eating healthy aren’t necessarily creative, I can put a creative twist on them by coming up with my own routines and plans, and substitutions for foods since I’m a little picky when it comes to vegetables. But I have more creativity when it comes to the other things. And also to be more creative in time management since school is starting up next week and there’s no way I can do everything I want in a day. The easy solution would be to reduce my commuting times…which I hope to do in July. But until then, I have to manage my time creatively so that my journey isn’t stagnant.

Small tangent – I was telling a coworker today about how I’m a boring person, but I think I mostly say that because to the general society, I am. I know it’s not true, but it seems like people can’t have fun with out drinking or going out. I’m sorta old school (and yes I know people have always consumed alcohol) but people didn’t always have to go out and spend money to have fun. Most of my newfound hobbies don’t really involve other people, which is fine by me because I generally like keeping to myself. For example, I like being noticed and recognized, but I don’t like being in the spotlight. I want to fit in, but I don’t do a lot of things most people my age do. Back to being a boring person….after occupying myself with all of these things, I do feel more productive and do see how my I’m moving forward, and cultivating myself. Does that even make sense?

So I guess with this, I should change my about me page to reflect this approach. I’m not limiting my audience, because I’m happy that anyone is reading my blog. But until my idea is more than just an idea, I think I’ll keep blogging about my creative journey so that I get in the habit of being creative, and hoping that I’ll find a passion for blogging, even if I’m writing to no one. I have a more difficult time making decisions that involve other people, but also struggle with personal decisions because most of the time I’m usually indifferent to different choices. That’ll add some nice turns and bends in my creative road.

Has your blog evolved since its beginning? Do you think you’ll change it again?



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