February 2015 Goals and January Recap

Is it just me or did January FLY by?! I don’t know where it went and I only hope time goes by just as fast in March, April, and May (since there’s no holidays from Presidents’ day until Memorial day. Let’s get to my goals:

January goals:

  • Follow blog schedule –> semi-success. I changed my blog schedule up a bit because I realized I didn’t have time to do it all, so I cut back on the number of times I’m posting.
  • Create a blog logo/media –> Still haven’t done it yet, but I’m not sure how important it is, seeing as I have yet to do it
  • Comment on 2 blog posts a week –> nope
  • Wake up early to do Tone it Up’s (TIU) ‘booty call’ [exercising first thing in the morning], at least 3 times a week –> I tried, but found it just isn’t going to work for me. I have to leave the house by 6am, and it’s hard to wake up to workout, have time to cool down, and be out the door by then. I’m okay with that though, since I get in .75 miles on a bike, or walking on my way to work.
  • Complete Tone it Up’s #100byVDay, Sea Shells & Sit-ups’ #tiuTumsAndGuns, Blogilates’ #30dayflatabs –>I did alright, 90% and learned that sit-ups or any repeated up and down sideways movement makes me dizzy…like sit-ups. Strangely crunches don’t affect my head. Just burns the abs!
  • Make clean food choices –> This is the biggest struggle….but it’s a constant goal
  • Finish Tone It Up’s Love Your Body Series –> still ongoing, I’m doing it about 80% of the time

February goals:

  • Publicize blog more through social outlets, starting with Facebook, by March 1, 2015
  • Follow my blog schedule
  • Comment on 3 blog posts a week
  • (I’m also participating in WordPress’ Blogging U’s Blogging 201)
  • Work out at least 4 times a week
  • Complete Tone it Up’s #100byVDay, Blogilates’ #30daybuttlift challenge, and DoYouYoga.com’s 30 Day Meditation Challenge
  • Make clean food choices

How have you held up on your New Year’s Resolutions?


January 2015 Goals and December 2014 Recap

Goal time! I haven’t really decided if making New Year’s Resolutions are cliché, because let’s face it, most of us break them before the end of January anyways. Every January, I look back at my journal entry for last January to read my goals and see if I’ve met them. Most years, most of my resolutions/goals I don’t even remember making. Some goals, I kept up with there and there, and I’ve rarely ever stuck with one. So for 2015, I’ve decided to make a more general goal and throughout the year (monthly), have smaller, more manageable goals. To recap my December goals:

December goals:

  • Create a blog schedule –> Created a schedule, but haven’t kept up with it. I went too big, so now I need to scale back.
  • Create a blog logo/media –> Failed.
  • Comment on 3 blog posts a week –> Failed, but I have been more supportive in my Tone it Up Community.
  • Clean up finances –> Sort of. I know that I can’t spend anymore, except for necessities.
  • Get in the habit of working out, starting with 3 times a week –> Accomplished! I have done some physical activity every day since January 1, and did pretty well in December.
  • Wake up early to do Tone it Up’s (TIU) ‘booty call’ exercises, at least 2 times a week –> Failed.
  • Complete the TIU Squat Challenge –> Got about 1/3 of the way through and then sort of forgot about it.
  • Start eating clean, 1 meal each day, besides breakfast –> Failed again.

I made some January goals in December of 2014, assuming I’d accomplish all of my December goals, as the January goals take the December goals to the next level. I’ll keep those for later on in the year. My general goal for 2015 is to exercise regularly and eat clean.

January goals:

Do you have any 2015 goals or resolutions? What are they?


December 2014 Goals

Each month, I’ll be putting up goals that I’m currently working on. I’m a little late this month, but I hope that this will help with accountability…so here it goes, starting small and working my way up!

  • Create a blog schedule
  • Create a blog logo/media
  • Comment on 3 blog posts a week
  • Clean up finances
  • Get in the habit of working out, starting with 3 times a week
  • Wake up early to do Tone it Up’s (TIU) ‘booty call’ exercises, at least 2 times a week
  • Complete the December TIU Squat Challenge
  • Start eating clean, 1 meal each day, besides breakfast

Does public accountability really work?